PACT Foundation – Partnership for Community Action and Transformation is a non-governmental and non-profit organization, mainly active in the areas of community development and social economy. We work in rural and small-urban areas in the South of Romania, to contribute to the sustainable development of local communities, by encouraging, supporting and promoting local and regional initiatives, partnerships and social responsibility.

We provide training, consultancy and community facilitation and reinforce these services with seed funding (small grant-making with non-reimbursable funds) for local informal initiative groups and organizations that are interested in running community projects and businesses in order to develop their respective communities and their region.

In 10 years of working as an executive team, PACT managed the following:

  • We have worked in more than 100 communities and facilitated over 170 partnerships;
  • We have trained over 300 people in participatory evaluation of community needs and resources, participatory project planning and management, organizational communication and fundraising, operational planning and strategic development;
  • In over 10 years of activity as a team (2002-2012), we financed 112 community projects in small and medium communities from South Romania, in total value of 346.496 lei.


As a result of participating in our programmes:

  • Over 500 members of community-based organizations did volunteer work and mobilized over 900 other persons in their community to help implement community projects;
  • Around 12.000 people are direct beneficiaries of these community projects;
  • 20 informal groups were legally established following participation in our programs;
  • By the end of 2012, PACT collaborates with 47 active community-based organizations.

If you wish to find out more about PACT Foundation and its project, please access the following link

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#Romaniaseschimba în Vrănești,...

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